4 Ways To Improve Your Employer Brand

If you want to attract the best talent you need to ensure your employer brand excites your candidates. In this article, we look at 4 ways you can improve your brand to help you hire the best.

Key Takeaways

  1. A great brand can help you hire the best candidates
  2. Your employer brand and culture play a key role in the decision making of talent
  3. To improve your employer brand, you need to ensure you create a positive culture and have clear values

In todays job market, candidates wield a huge amount of power. As companies compete to land the best talent and work hard to keep their best employees engaged, employer brand plays a hugely important role. Ensuring you have a great brand can help you lower your cost per hire, improve employee engagement and help you build a positive reputation.

The modern workforce places culture and values as highly as financial reward so what can you do to ensure your company has a brand that people want to work for and don’t want to leave?

1.      Have Clear Values

Your company should have clear values that it lives by and that all employees embrace. Talk to your current or previous employees about what they feel the current values of the company are. If these don’t align with each other or with the senior management then clearly there needs to be better communication of these values or the values themselves need updating to fall in line with the culture in the company.

2.      Ensure you have a shared mission

Having clear values is great but this should also connect with the overall goals of the company. Having a mission that the company is working towards helps employees to feel engaged and can get candidates excited about joining that mission. Think about why the company was set up in the first place and what it is contributing to society and then ensure that everyone knows that they are playing a role in working towards that shared goal.

3.      Create a Positive Culture

The culture you create in your organisation is a key driver in attracting and retaining the right employees. Any potential candidates you are interviewing will want to know as much as they can about the culture they are entering so you need to ensure you have a clear identity and find ways to showcase this to people outside of the company. This might be talking about areas such as social activities within the organisation or the structure of the organisation that shows that each employee is valued. Talk to your employees about why they like working at your organisation and you should be constantly looking at ways to improve the culture to make it a positive working environment.

4.      Look at your competitors

If you have lost employees to competitors or perhaps missed out on a candidate as they have accepted an offer elsewhere then you should be looking at what they do differently. If your competitors have a better culture, they are going to attract better talent and outgrow you. Look at the culture and benefits that they are offering and compare that to your own. How can you create a unique selling point for working at your company or what can you do differently from your competitors that will help you stand out?

Let Us Help

At ecruit, we can’t directly help you improve your employer brand, but we can ensure you present your company in the best way to attract the top talent. Our expert copywriters know how to sell a role and brand to make your job advert as enticing as possible and our head-hunter team have years of experience in ensuring we get the right culture match for candidates and companies.

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