Hiring Masterclass Part 1: Attracting Candidates

Have you been struggling to recruit new talent lately? If you answered yes to this question, then we’re glad to have you reading this blog! We have some wonderful insights to help you attract candidates more effectively in our 4-part blog series, Hiring Masterclass. In part 1, we look at 4 key elements of attracting candidates

Key Takeaways

  1. Flexibility is your biggest asset when recruiting new talent.
  2. Salary transparency is a key factor in recruitment, don’t hide how much a job is offering to pay.
  3. Your work culture can attract the right candidates to your organization


In a recent article by Forbes.com, it was stated that unemployment rates in countries such as the US have very quickly swung from all-time highs, to what is now clearly a labour shortage crisis in many sectors. In the US alone, over 4 million Americans quit their jobs, which in turn has resulted in many companies struggling to recruit, hire, and train employees to maintain productivity. 

Source: Forbes.com

Whilst the great resignation is a complex reality, there is still hope for companies and recruiters looking to attract, hire and retain new talent in their organizations. The fact of the matter is people still need to work, and unemployment levels are still high in many countries across the world. The difference now, however, is that workers are now not just looking to work anymore – but rather looking for work opportunities that allow for balance, flexibility, inclusivity, and diversity. Let’s explore these further.

1.  A healthy work-life balance is key

Remote working has changed the way employees manage their time, thus fostering a balanced work/life environment in your workplace is a key attraction for potential employees looking for work. Your existing employees are your most trusted and valued advocates, thus, sharing their testimonials in your job ads can be an impactful way of attracting candidates to your organization.

2.  Be more flexible and see more candidates

Author of Evil HR Lady blog, Suzanne Lucas wrote, “”The quickest way to get job seekers not to apply is by requiring more experience than necessary. Many people see the required education level or years of experience and walk away””. This means if you open yourself up to being more flexible in your candidate requirements, you may see an increased interest in your job postings, as the work opportunity is cast to a much wider audience by sticking to the requirements that are only critical for the execution of the role. The other side of flexibility also speaks to flexible working hours and environments. Up to 81% of UK employees believe flexible working makes a job more attractive to them, so if that is something you can offer then you should talk about that in your ad.

3.   Be more transparent about salary

In our last blog, titled Salary Transparency in Recruitment – we discussed the benefits of inclusivity and transparency when it comes to attracting candidates. Openness about finance, culture, and diversity in the workplace is a massive topical trend for many people today. An organization that is transparent about pay scales speaks to several factors such as fair pay, equity, inclusion, and diversity. Being transparent about the salary on the job ad is an immediate call to apply for many job seekers, it saves the employer the time and effort of screening and interviewing candidates that might get disengaged after the topic of salary comes up.

4.  Celebrate your culture boldly and proudly

Big companies like Google have for long been known for their exciting work environments and overall culture. Google’s culture is a leading example of a healthy work environment. Their employees get the privilege to work in the latest technology and are deeply involved in solving the world’s huge problems with the best possible use of technology. If you have a great company culture, you need to use this as your social tool to drive your brand’s social brand. You can read more on the importance of a winning culture here.

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