Benefits of Fixed Fee Recruitment

Recruitment is an essential part of any business but can often lead to high costs and increased headaches. We take a look at the benefits that fixed fee recruitment can bring to your business.


Key Takeaways

  1. Fixed fee recruitment allows companies to pay a fixed cost to advertise a role, compared to commission on a salary that traditional agencies use
  2. Companies can save up to 95% on recruitment costs by using a fixed fee recruitment model
  3. Fixed fee recruitment still offers a number of benefits including attracting more candidates and helping to manage the application process


What are the main types of recruiting?

There are a few different ways in which companies can recruit talent to their business. Historically these have fallen into two main areas.

Internal Recruiting

This is where the company runs the whole process themselves. That means they will create the job description, list the ad across relevant job sites, manage the applications and interview process and then select the candidate to offer the role. The benefit here is that you reduce any external costs and are fully in charge of the process. However, this does place a large amount of internal resource as you must filter through all applications as they come through and you still have the cost of listing on the relevant job board sites. This can be quite expensive when you are just posting a small number of roles and some job sites require an annual or month subscription. Plus you have the cost of a dedicated internal resource.

External Recruiting

Here, companies will utilise an external resource to manage the process. Usually, the recruiter will post the job advert and pass through the most relevant candidates for the position. This greatly reduces the time spent internally but comes at a cost. The typical recruitment model uses a commission of the first-year salary which averages at around 15% to 20%.

There is another option though that can provide the benefits of recruitment agencies, without the high costs.

What is fixed fee recruitment?

Fixed fee recruitment enables companies to pay a one-off fee for recruitment advertising and still get access to most of the services a recruitment campaign provides. Fixed fee recruitment offers a cost-effective approach that is 90%-95% cheaper than using a traditional recruitment agency model. With fixed fee recruitment you know your exact costs upfront and still get the benefit of expert recruiters knowledge and experience.

Different fixed price recruiters will work in different ways but at ecruit we like to make the process as simple as possible. We will write your optimised job description and post on all the most relevant job boards. We then provide access to your applicant management portal where you can see candidates from all job sites in one place. Our team of experts will manually highlight the best candidates and then you will manage the interview process.

The Benefits of Fixed Fee Recruitment

  1. Save Money: Traditional recruitment agencies charge 15% to 20% of the candidates first year salary. For a £50k salary that would be £10k for just one role. With ecruit, our pricing starts from just £399 allowing you to invest that money elsewhere in your business.
  2. Save Time: When trying to run your recruitment campaigns internally it requires a large of time to write and post the job ads and manage the candidate application process. Ecruit can do all this for you and even highlight the top candidates.
  3. Reduce Risk: If you end up paying £10k for a new hire and they don’t work out, that is a huge amount of investment lost. Fixed fee recruitment allows you to keep recruitment costs low, but candidate quality high.
  4. Get More Candidates: At ecruit, we have a team of specialists that can create optimised job descriptions. This means not only will search engines and job sites be more likely to show them higher in the results, but candidates will be more inclined to apply. Our adverts attract 45% more candidates than typical job descriptions.
  5. Utilise Expert Knowledge: Fixed fee recruiters, such as ecruit, have sector specific specialists who know the job market and can bring years of experience to help you create the best job ads and highlight the best candidates.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective approach to recruitment then flat fee recruitment services are a great option. Ecruit can help you attract the top talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. From writing optimised job descriptions, listing on the top job boards and managing your applicants, ecruit saves you time and money while recruiting the top candidates in your sector.

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