Cost-effective recruitment: the benefits of fixed fee

Increasing levels of competition in the sales space mean that businesses are quickly snapping up the talent! Hiring managers need a cost-effective recruitment solution!

Every business is aware of the costs of recruitment using a traditional recruitment agency to secure a hire: 15-20% of that candidate’s first annual salary. According to one of the leading job sites, the average cost of using an internal or external recruitment agency is reckoned to be around $5,000 – and, depending on industry, this cost could be higher. Some are spending upwards of $11,000 on fees in a world where direct access to candidates via social media platforms, job boards and the Internet appears straightforward.

When it comes to sales recruitment, hiring managers are under tremendous pressure to keep recruitment costs low, but candidate quality high. Traditional recruitment methods, while comprehensive, are far too costly and for businesses with tight budgets, unsustainable. With the placement of a new employee through a traditional recruitment agency, businesses need to think about the recruitment fees involved and the instalments that follow.

Also, what if that newly found employee leaves within the first few months and there is no refund policy stated in the terms and conditions of the recruitment agency? All that money down the drain!

Consequently, hiring managers can sometimes struggle to get value for money and fill roles as quickly as possible – after all an empty desk is bad for business! As recruiting the right talent becomes more and more difficult, businesses need a cost-effective recruitment solution that will help them find the right sales talent for the right price.

There is, however, a solution: fixed fee recruitment. Fixed fee recruitment offers a cost-effective recruitment approach. With fixed fee recruitment, businesses pay a one-off fee for recruitment advertising and get access to everything a standard recruitment campaign provides.

Fixed fee recruitment is 90-95% cheaper than using a traditional recruitment agency and typically involves an end-to-end recruitment process: the candidate attraction (ie advert writing and candidate selection) managed for you, meaning you spend more time running your business and interviewing high-quality candidates.

In our eBook ‘The Value of Fixed Fee Sales Recruitment Specialists’ we highlight the distinct benefits of using a cost-effective recruitment solution, such as fixed fee recruitment, over a traditional recruitment agency.

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