How To Attract The Best Sales Reps

Hiring the top sales talent can be difficult with companies in constant competition to attract the best sales reps. We take a look at what you can do to get ahead of the competition and help you hire the best.

Key Takeaways

  1. Attracting the top sales talent can be difficult with companies competing to hire the best
  2. Your hiring process gives you an opportunity to attract the best candidates and sell your company
  3. Ecruit can help you with this by creating optimised job descriptions and helping automate your hiring process

Here are the top 5 areas to focus on to help you hire the best sales talent.

1.      Show a Sense of Purpose

Many candidates are looking for more than just a job to pay the bills. They want a career that gives them a sense of purpose in their life. They want a role that allows them to contribute to the wider world. Sometimes a sales role can be too focused on the specifics of selling a particular product or service, but it is important to help show the candidates how the sales role is connected to the overall company mission.

2.      Create an Attractive Culture

To attract the best sales candidates, you need to show that your company is a place that people want to come to work to every day. Throughout the recruitment process it is important that you showcase what the company is all about and build a culture that others want to be a part of.

3.      Offer a Great Candidate Experience

The experience you offer your candidates during the hiring process will tell them a lot about the experience of working with them. If they are looking at several opportunities at the same time, then this experience could be the key element in them deciding which role to accept. It is important that you communicate clearly with the candidate throughout the hiring process and set expectations at the start. Built rapport with the candidate and involve the wider team in the interview process to help demonstrate that your employees are engaged and valued in the organisation.

4.      Highlight Path for Career Advancement

The top sales talent tend to have one thing in common – ambition. To attract and keep the best people in your company, you need to show them a path to career advancement. Provide them with a vision of the future and the practical steps needed to get there. This not only helps attract the best sales reps but can increase your retention by getting your employees bought into the long term company vision.

5.      Use Your Job Description as a Sales Pitch

Remember, when you are advertising a role, you are essentially trying to sell your company to the candidates. To attract the best talent, you need to ensure you are writing an amazing job description. Outline the most important skills and be clear about what the role involves. Include any benefits and tell the wider story of the company mission and where this role fits into that.

Save Time & Money on Recruitment

Many companies have issues with turnover in sales teams, so it is important that you take steps to attract the best and have a process in place to maintain a steady pipeline of qualified candidates.

At ecruit, we can help you attract the very best sales talent with our advertiser and head-hunter services. From getting your optimised job advert on all the top job boards, bringing all your applicants into one easy to use portal and saving you time and money through our fixed, low-cost solution through to our fixed price executive search offering, we can help whatever your sales recruitment needs.

Book a 5 minute demo with our team to find out more.

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