How To Become Candidate Focused

The candidates are the most important element of any recruitment process, but many organisations don’t put them are the centre of their focus. In this article we look at why it is important to put the candidate first and how you can switch to a candidate focused strategy.

Key Takeaways

  1. The candidate should be the focus of your recruitment process
  2. Ensure you communicate clearly with the candidate throughout the hiring process
  3. A good candidate experience can help you attract the best talent

What is Candidate Focused Recruitment?

Some companies see the recruitment process as a transactional relationship where you put out a job ad, you get a load of applications in and then you select the best candidate. The process is over, you make a hire, and everyone goes on with their lives. What this process fails to consider is that every single candidate that applies has their own journey and experience and this should not be ignored.

Candidate focused recruitment means recruiters build relationships with candidates that can last beyond the initial job search. It ensures your recruitment process is built on communication, transparency, and empathy. The candidate should be the priority and building relationships during the recruitment process means not only will you be in a better position to make a hiring call, but any unsuccessful candidates will go away with a more positive view of your company. This could mean that they are more likely to apply to a different role in the future or refer your company to friends and colleagues, helping you attract the top talent.

How To Build a Candidate Focused Process

When developing your recruitment process you should put yourself in the shoes of the candidate. Communication is key so you should ensure you are keeping your candidates up to date throughout the process. Set out clear timelines at the start of the process and set the expectations of when and how you will be updating candidates.

Recruitment can be time consuming but by taking the time to provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates you are not only helping them in their continued job search but are also painting a positive picture of your organisation. That potential candidate could end up being a customer or recommending your business to a future employer. In fact, 83% of candidates share their experience with their friends and family so a negative candidate experience can spread quickly.

Automation can help here. Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help you communicate in bulk with your candidates to ensure you keep them up to date throughout the process.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

At ecruit we can help you improve your candidate experience with our fixed price recruitment services. We can create a compelling, clear job description to ensure candidates are confident they know what you are looking for to ensure you don’t waste their time. We also provide an ATS which allows you to communicate in bulk with candidates and keep them up to date throughout the process. Also, by taking care of the job ad writing and posting process and by filtering the best candidates for you, we can save you time to ensure you can focus your efforts on the most important area, the candidates.

Book a 5 minute call with our team to find out more.

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