How To Choose The Best Candidate

You have read through CVs, carried out interviews and trawled through LinkedIn profiles before finally it comes to the moment of truth. You have to choose which candidate to offer the role to. This decision could have huge implications for your organisation so here are some methods you can utilise to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Get Feedback From Others

You may be the one making the decision but dont be afraid to get advice from others. Invite team members into the interview process or share CVs with the team they will be joining. Getting views from the people that will work closely with the candidate will help you get an understanding of who would be the best fit. If the candidate has interacted with a recruiter or receptionist, find out what their impressions were to get a full picture.

Look For Passion

Does the candidate have a real enthusiasm for your company and the role? You might have a qualified candidate who just lacks the interest in your sector, so it is important that you get a sense of excitement from them about the opportunity. Ask them what they expect their first 30 days in the job to look like and you will get a good idea if they are someone who is going to hit the ground running or perhaps lacks the spark you are looking for.

Analyse Previous Accomplishments

When interviewing the candidate, spend time looking at past experiences and accomplishments that might be relevant to the role. Have they been in similar situations, what actions have they taken in the past and what were the results? This can give you confidence that they have had success doing similar tasks before which can be an advantage of someone who might lack specific experience.

Find Out More About Them

You are not just hiring someone for their work but also their personality. Find out about their interests and what they are passionate about. This will help you evaluate how well they will fit into your team and better understand what makes them tick.

Give Them a Relevant Test

Lots of candidates can talk a good game but actually seeing them in action is a great way to find out how they go about solving problems and developing a process. This could be anything from a case interview to a knowledge assessment. Using a scoring system can help you remove any unconscious bias from your decision and give you a clear way to compare candidates.



When making a decision on the best candidate to hire it is important you go beyond how the candidate look on paper. Consider the combination of skills and personality and visualise how they would fit into your team. Using these methods will help you come to the right decision and give you and the candidate the best chance of success.

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