How To Create a Talent Pipeline for Your Business

Attracting the best talent for your business can be a challenge so creating a talent pipeline can help you be prepared for any eventuality. In this article we look at where to start when creating your pipeline and the advantages of planning ahead.

Key Takeaways

  1. Creating a talent pipeline can help you prepare for any future recruitment needs
  2. You can build your pipeline through executive searches or even posting job roles in advance
  3. Maintaining a talent pipeline can help you improve candidate quality and reduce your time to hire

Companies often need to recruit in a hurry. This might be to replace an outgoing member of staff or to facilitate growth. Recruiting in a rush is not usually the best idea though with the potential of making a bad hiring decision which can cost your company a huge amount of time and money.

Sourcing a better pool of candidates and having a fresh supply of talent gives you the best opportunity to hire the best for your business.

What is a talent pipeline?

Creating a talent pipeline is essentially having a group of viable candidates already in place that you might want to hire for current or future positions. Having this pipeline ready in advance means your hiring process can be more efficient and you are able to move more quickly when your need arises.

How to build a talent pipeline

Building a talent pipeline can take some time and requires effort but the advantages can make this worthwhile. You can build your talent pipeline through advertising your roles in advance. Listing your potential upcoming positions on job boards means you can start to gather relevant cv’s and get a better understanding of the candidate marketplace.

However, it is important that you plan out your communication strategy in order to keep your candidates engaged and build out a long-term relationship. As well as advertising for potential candidates you could carry out a headhunting campaign to reach out to people who match your search criteria and start to generate some interest in your company.

Benefits of a talent pipeline

Improve Candidate Quality

Having a talent pipeline can bring a number of benefits including improving your candidate quality. Not having to rush the hiring process means you have time to think more clearly about who the right candidate is and the right combination of skills and experience you are looking for. Improving the quality of the candidates means you are less likely to make a bad hire and therefore can reduce the costs associated with this.


Offer a better candidate experience

Building out your talent pipeline can enable you to provide a more positive experience for your candidates. Rather than having all your applications come through in one and go and trying to rush through the interview process, you can provide a more efficient process and keep your candidates up to date. Providing a good candidate experience means your best candidates are more likely to accept a job offer plus it sets the scene for how you want to work together moving forward.


Reduce your time-to-hire

Though you might be starting your recruitment process earlier, building a talent pipeline can actually reduce your time-to-hire as you will already have your process and candidates in place when it comes to the time you want to make a hire. Building your talent pipeline allows for a more efficient process, allowing you to focus more of your time on ensuring you are making the right hiring decisions.

Save Time & Money on Recruitment

Creating a talent pipeline can help improve your recruitment process and if you are looking for ways to attract the best talent without paying the usual high costs associated with recruitment agencies, then ecruit have the solution.

Our Advertiser service means we can create an optimised job advert and post it on all the top job boards, all for one low cost. We also include access to an ATS meaning you can manage your candidate talent pool and handle the recruitment process easily and efficiently.

Our headhunter service also allows you to attract passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a role but who fit the criteria.

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