How To Create a Winning Culture

A strong culture in your company can help you attract and retain the best talent. In this article we look at the steps you can take to build a winning culture and the benefits that can bring.

Key Takeaways

  1. Culture can play a vital role within an organisation
  2. Building a winning culture takes times and needs leaders to lead with actions
  3. Having a good culture can reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee engagement

The Importance of Culture

Companies are starting to realise the importance of culture with a survey from Bain & Company showing that 91% of the 1,200 senior executives at global companies agreeing that culture is important as a strategy for business success. Bain also found that 81% of executives agree that a company without a winning culture was doomed to mediocrity.

Culture can help guide your employees decisions and how they interact with others and a good culture creates consistency in actions across a diverse group of employees. While some believe that culture cannot be created and that it just happens, leaders can actually play a vital role in creating the DNA of the company. This needs to be done through actions and not just words and choosing not to create a company culture is essentially making a choice of the type of culture that will be formed. Workplace culture is just as important as your overall business strategy as it connects with areas such as employee engagement, productivity, retention rate and recruitment.

How To Build a Winning Culture

To build a culture that will deliver success you need to define your values and instil them in everything that you do. Your organisation should be a team with an environment of trust. To help define those values you can look at why the company was set up in the first place. Usually there is a reason beyond just making money that the founder started the company and this can help define a purpose for the organisation.

Once the company has a clear purpose this can help your teams find their own purpose and understand how they fit into the wider picture. You can then clearly define goals that are linked to that purpose to help give motivation to all team members and create a positive culture. Aligning your team is one of the most difficult but important steps in building your culture so it is vital you get teams involved from the start of this process to help them buy in to what you are trying to achieve.

Communication is also a key aspect of culture. This might be a long journey, so it is important you communicate the process and make a sustained effort to promote the values and goals you are all working towards.

Benefits of a Winning Culture

There are a number of benefits to building a better culture within your organisation. Employees will become more engaged which can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. This clearly leads to benefits for the organisation such as reducing costs, increasing revenue and attracting and retaining better quality employees.

Creating a winning culture is not easy but the benefits make this an essential strategy for any organisation. If you are trying to build your teams with the best talent then ecruit can help you by getting you the best possible candidates at a fixed, low cost.

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