How To Help Your Employees Find a Good Work Life Balance

The line between home and work has blurred over the last 18 months meaning it is more important than ever that we all find a healthy work/life balance. This is not just down to the individual though and companies need to take an active role on helping employees find that balance.

In the third and final part of our company culture series, we take a look at how companies can help their employees find a good work life balance.

Key Takeaways

  1. A good work-life balance is important for the physical and mental wellbeing of employees
  2. Finding this balance can lead to increased productivity and employee retention
  3. There are a number of steps you can take to help employees find a better balance

What Is Work Life Balance?

For many people, work finishes at the end of the working day. However, for many others, work can continue to eat into the evening and weekends. For some this may be an active choice and something that they enjoy. For others they might find this blurring of the lines stressful, and it could cause them to struggle to switch off from work and enjoy their personal life.

A good work life balance can mean something different to each individual but at it’s core it is about finding the right balance that works for you. Your employer can play a huge role in this though. An organisation that puts it employees first will understand

What Are The Benefits?

Companies that give employees a chance to relax and recharge will be more creative and have higher productivity. It can also save companies money with higher retention rates and lower levels of absenteeism.

It is also worth considering the downside of an employee with a poor work life balance. This can affect employees physical and psychological health, leading to issues such as burnout. The happier and less stressed your staff the more likely they are to be loyal and motivated in their role.

How You Can Help Employees Find The Right Balance

Flexible Working

Flexible working conditions are more important than ever before with the expectations of employees shifting. There is now an expectation of flexibility around where, when and how people work. Employees want to be trusted by their employer and be empowered to manage their own time. This will ultimately help them feel more valued which will ensure they perform better and are more likely to stay at the company.

Take A Break

In the work from home world, it can be easy to forget to take breaks throughout the day. Whether you are in the office or working at home, it is important that you take a walk or just take a break away from your desk in order to reset and recharge.

Output Over Hours

The working week has long been judged on the amount of hours someone works. Rather than focusing on counting the hours, managers should be focusing on the completion of tasks or the results achieved. There might be days when an employee needs to put in a few extra hours to complete a project, but this can be offset by a day when they perhaps don’t need to put in the full days shift.

Lead By Example

As a boss you have an opportunity to lead by example. While it is important you show the value of hard work and dedication, it is also vital that you take the time off you need to achieve your own work life balance. This also shows your employees that it is ok to have a personal life which will make them feel more comfortable taking time off.


Helping your employees find a better work-life balance will not only make them a better employee but will help your organisation be more productive and improve retention. As an employer you have the power to help your team achieve this balance by introducing some simple changes to the way you work.

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