How to make the best of self-isolation

Making the best of self-isolation

It’s hard to have a conversation right now without the dreaded COVID-19 being brought up. We find ourselves in unprecedented waters as the outbreak is making serious changes to our lives and routines, and the media is full of panic-inducing headlines.

The idea of self-isolating can be boring at best and extremely scary at worst, so ecruit have put together some tips to try and keep you productive, motivated and happy during this uncertain period.

The key thing to remember is that this self-isolation period can be a very positive experience, it all depends on the mindset we put into it. Although we may not be able to do some of the activities we ordinarily enjoy, there is a whole host of benefits to this downtime.

Mindfulness and unplugging

Although it might be tempting to spend this entire time bingeing on Netflix shows or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, self-isolation can be a wonderful time to try unplugging. Whether this be committing to a few hours a day or a week without electronics, this can allow you to be free of distractions and practice mindfulness. Exercise is also an amazing tool, whether that be going for a walk, run, or working out at home, even 20 minutes of exercise a day can vastly improve your mood and keep you grounded.

We really recommend both the Calm and Headspace apps, these both have guided meditations that focus on allowing you to calm any anxiety you may be feeling at the current situation. Trying to spend some time meditating just after you wake up or just before you sleep can give your day some much needed structure and tranquillity.


Spending time with family

For many of us who live with our family members, modern day working schedules can mean that we see eachother momentarily in the mornings and before bed. Self-isolation will give us all time to reconnect with our families and spend quality time together. Whether that be through a brutal game of family monopoly or through deciding to have one shared meal time, family connections can keep you grounded and positive.

Now that many of us are working from home, we recommend spending the time you would usually spend commuting with family – make the most out of not being dragged into work each morning!


Passion projects

Many of us have passions and hobbies that we find ourselves sweeping under the rug in our ordinary routines of work and social gatherings. This period of self-isolation is an amazing opportunity to spend time doing the things you love and never have time to do. Whether that be drawing, cooking, writing, photography or anything else, this is a chance to really spend time cultivating your hobbies and passions, without feeling like you’re missing out on any socialising.

Don’t have any passions or hobbies that you can think of? Time to pick one up! Luckily for us, we have access to the internet with thousands of options of activities and tutorials for each one of them. We have already heard of a couple of Corona virus book clubs who are reading the same books and discussing ideas over group facetimes. If you want to try and gain a life skill, we really recommend DuoLingo, an app that makes learning languages very simple when you have time to spare.


Organisation and life admin

If you’re anything like us, you have a million and one things around the house you are constantly putting off. Now you have more than enough time to do all of them! Whether that be clearing out your wardrobe, unsubscribing from junk emails or organising your cupboards, now is the time to sort out all of your life admin. The feeling of relief after doing any of these niggling tasks is always euphoric, so be prepared for a natural high.



Although we do recommend spending some time unplugged, we are also aware of how important communication is during periods of self-isolation. We are lucky enough to be able to contact our friends and loved ones all over the globe within seconds, and speaking to a friend can vastly improve your mood and eradicate feelings of isolation.

This is an amazing time to not only spend time communicating with your close friends, but perhaps reach out to those you may have lost touch with. In periods like this, our relationships and connections with one another are what keep us together and keep us strong. We recommend trying to focus on discussing topics outside of the outbreak, to prevent any feelings of being overwhelmed and to help keep positive. We recommend using FaceTime or Skype instead of just calling, to get a more real feeling of company when we can’t physically be together. Try calling someone today who you know might be lonely, you don’t know how much it could help!


Final thoughts

In conclusion, although we are all in a scary period right now that we can’t control, we are able to choose how we feel about our situation. We hope by employing some of these tips, that you will find that self-isolation can be a very positive experience that allows us to refocus and re-centre ourselves on some of the activities that get lost in our busy lives.

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