How To Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can have a huge impact on your business so we look at the top ways you can reduce employee turnover to help you retain your employees for longer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Employee retention can have a huge impact on your companys performance
  2. There are several ways you can help to reduce employee turnover
  3. Providing recognition and offering progression are some of the ways you can create a more loyal workforce

At ecruit, we focus on helping companies hire top talent for less, but that is only the beginning of the journey. Keeping those employees engaged, productive and happy requires a large amount of effort. If your employees are not happy and engaged, then they are more likely to leave, and you are left having to employ someone all over again.

Why Do Employees Leave

It is important to consider the main reasons why your employees might choose to leave. This could be down to personal reasons or could be due to a workplace issue such as the company culture. Your employees might feel there is a lack of opportunity within the organisation or that they are not being correctly rewarded for the work they are doing. If you do have staff leaving it is important to try and get honest feedback from them around the reasons so you can ensure you make the relevant changes to stop this from happening again.

When a member of staff leaves this can impact the business in many ways. It can affect the morale of those around them, it can leave a gap in the business in terms of knowledge and experience and there are cost implications of hiring a replacement. The best way to avoid these is to work on preventing your employees from coming to the decision that they want to leave.

The HR Manager, along with other senior leadership, should be looking at ways to reduce employee turnover and below we run through some of the key steps you can take to help.


1.      Provide Recognition

Employees often want to feel like they are doing a good job and that the work they are doing has a positive impact on the overall company performance. It is important that leadership takes the time to praise good work and ensure that employees get the recognition they deserve. Constructive feedback also has its place though and can help employees develop their skills. By providing this feedback and positive recognition, your employees will be happier and more productive and more likely to stay with you in the long term.

2.      Offer Progression

Nobody wants to feel trapped in a job and like they are going nowhere. When employees start to feel like that they start to look elsewhere. To promote long term retention, it is important that you are providing your employees with opportunities for career progression. This is now always just about earning more money or getting promoted but about being able to expand responsibilities or train to learn new skills. This shows your employees that you care about them and want to help them grow as individuals.

3.      Create a Positive Culture

Workplace culture can play a hugely important role in retention with a toxic environment being one of the most common reasons employees choose to leave a job. To help promote a positive culture you should look at areas such as how your senior leadership interacts with other employees and how well you promote an inclusive environment. Your organisation should have a clear mission and values that your employees believe in and the more effort you put into creating a positive culture the more you will be rewarded by loyal employees.

4.      Offer Flexibility

The typical workday has changed dramatically over the last few years and employees expectations are now very different. Employees are looking for jobs that allow more flexibility in their day with options to work remotely or work hours that fit around their personal responsibilities. Talking to your staff about their needs and finding a solution that works for both the company and the individual is vital to help keep your employees happy and productive.

Let Us Help

We cant help you keep your employees loyal, but we can make sure you hire the right people in the first place with our fixed price recruitment services. Our head-hunter package means we pinpoint the very best talent in your industry and the people that fit your specific requirements. This is not always just about skills and experience but about ensuring they fit the culture of the company to ensure they are successful in the long term.

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