How to write a great job ad to recruit sales people

No matter the job role or the age we live in, high-quality candidates are always at a premium, and, with the number of recruitment adverts and job boards online, getting your advert to stand out and attract those high-quality candidates can be difficult. So how can recruiters think from the perspective of the candidate and write a great recruitment advert that attracts the best sales people?

In this blog, we’ll tackle the fundamental steps on how to write a great job ad that attracts high-quality sales candidates.

1. Make sure you use keywords that are searchable

To ensure your ad reaches the right audience, it needs to be keyword optimised. Think about the specific keyword terms a candidate would type in to a Google search and base your keyword research and keyword selection around those terms.

In addition, you can look at similar job postings online and use keyword planning tools such as Googles Keyword Planner to find relevant keyword terms to optimise your job posts. Specific long tail keywords (two or more words) will generally have lower competition, meaning users who find you are likely to be looking for that exact job role. Avoid short, generic keyword terms as they will be harder to rank for on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Ensure you include your targeted keyword(s) in the job adverts title and naturally in the description. Avoid spamming your keywords as Google will penalise your advertisement and push it down the rankings.


2. Use a short, punchy introduction

If you have managed to get a candidate to click on your recruitment advert, its vital that you provide a concise introduction and get to the meat of the role so they can readily determine if your job position is right for them.


3. Role Responsibilities

Stick to a small number of tasks that the applicant will be required to complete to increase the response your advert receives. By including a small number of day-to-day responsibilities and relating them back to the business objectives, candidates can get an idea of how their role fits into the companies wider activities.


4. Who are you looking for?

If you want to get a stream of high-quality, position-specific CVs, tailor the job specification to meet your exact requirements for the type of person who would be a great fit. Think about the skills and qualifications your ideal candidate would have, and include those as your necessary requirements. Then, think about the nice-to-have skills, qualifications and attributes, as those would support a candidates application.


5. Remuneration, benefits and location

Consider the additional benefits and flexible working opportunities the position offers. These perks and rewards don’t necessarily need to be financial/commission based; privileges such as flexible working, team outings, pension and healthcare schemes, child care options and so on – all play a role in the candidates decision making process.

In addition, mentioning transport links, office space and the location will help to reinforce a candidates decision to apply, especially if you are situated in a central location, with excellent transport links, and nice, open-plan office spaces!


6. Selling the company

Rather than using your companies corporate descriptor in your job ad, give candidates a short brief about what you do and your mission, as this will allow them to get a feel for the companies ethos and, if they are interested, they will research further in their own time.

Many top candidates are now looking to be sold to when it comes to a new position at a company. So be sure to mention your achievements, people, progression, and personality to build a picture of your company culture.


7. Lastly, include a compelling call-to-action

If a candidate reaches the end of your recruitment advert, theres a good chance they are interested and looking to take the next step. At this point, its essential you include a way for that candidate to get in touch and provide specific instructions on how to apply. A compelling and powerful call to action such as don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, apply now or sign up for this incredible job opportunity today’ are excellent ways to encourage a jobseeker to apply.


With these tips on how to write a great job ad for sales people, you will be well on your way to attracting high-quality candidates for your sales team.  If you’d like to discover more about how to recruit without using an agency, book a call with our team today. 

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