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To anyone else, they’re just another Hollywood blockbuster but to recruiters, they’re so much more! If you’re a recruiter, you have definitely found yourself connecting to a character unexpectedly while chomping down your popcorn in a dark room. You know the struggles and we’re here to give you the lessons you could get off them. 

  • The Devil Wears Prada

This takes on the dilemma of taking a chance and not hiring the obvious choice for a role in your company- Does it work or does it not? Changing up the dynamics of the team could be a massive risk but just remember that in doing so, you would encourage your team to step out of their comfort zone and evolve even further.

(SPOILER ALERT- although the movie has been out for over 10 years, so you only have yourself to blame)

If it doesn’t work out and they end up quitting, like what happened at the end of this movie, neither party will walk away from that experience without learning a huge lesson.

Lesson: Just remember you’re hiring a culture

  • Jerry Maguire

Jerry takes us on a rollercoaster of a recruitment ride and we can all relate. Jerry is recruiting for his own sports agency and has to deal with a client that cares about nothing but cash, cash and more cash!

A lot of emotions go into dealing with clients. Desperation and frustration could be the winning emotions when clients don’t corporate and that’s when we could all use the famous ‘Help me help you!’

Lesson: Its not just about the money but about the person you’re helping- Try to build relationships

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

We don’t recommend having the attitude and language of DiCaprio’s character but take notes on his persuasion skills because the man is a genius. There’s a 4-minute-long scene where DiCaprio is coaching his team on how to sound convincing during calls, to win the customers trust and to finally, get- that- sale!

Another memorable moment is when he drops the line ‘sell me this pen’ to his team to see how they would come up with a sales strategy – what’s your sales strategy?

Lesson: Share your wisdom and help people reach their potential

  • The Godfather

Making decisions as recruiters is often very tough. You have a number of candidates that all maybe suit the role but there are certain elements that make the decision so much harder. Do you choose the person with the most experience or the one who is creative and might bring a new perspective? What if the person you chose changed their mind and backed out – the horror!

Lesson: It’s not about making the obvious decision but rather making the right decision

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