The 5 Biggest Recruitment Challenges

Running a recruitment campaign can be both an exciting and challenging experience. In today;s article, we take a look at the biggest challenges that you are likely to face in recruitment and the best ways to deal with them.

Key Takeaways

  1. There are many challenges that you can face when trying to recruit for your business
  2. These include receiving poor quality applications, making bad hire decisions or trying to reduce costs
  3. Ecruit can help solve these problems with our fixed price solution that can you time and money

Your goal in recruitment is always to find the best possible application for your position. Ideally you want to do this saving the most amount of time and money as you can. However, there are often a number of challenges that can make this difficult.

1.      Poor Quality Applications

You might either be getting a low volume of applications or potentially have a wide pool of applicants without the right qualifications. This not only means you are wasting your time looking through unqualified candidates but that you also have limited options when it comes to making an offer.

How and where you advertise your roles can have a big impact on the quantity and quality of your applicants. You need to cast your net wide enough to get as much exposure as possible so try to post the role on a variety of different job sites.

You also need to ensure you are being clear around any candidate requirements such as qualifications or experience to ensure you are only getting applications from candidates that match your criteria.

2.      Having a Poor Process

Having a fractured recruitment process can cause a number of problems. A poor process can often lead to missed opportunities as good candidates are missed or a poor candidate experience leading to applicants pulling out of the process.

There are several tools and services available than can help you improve your recruitment process by offering automation around areas such as job posting and candidate management. Find a system that works for you and helps you improve your overall recruitment process.

3.      Lack of Branding

Your company brand can play a major role in your recruitment process. Your reputation can be affected by the candidate experience you offer so it is vital that you present your company in the best possible light.

Communication plays a big role here and by improving the way you interact throughout the recruitment process you can better protect your brand. Managing your applicants through an ATS will allow you to use personalised automated email communication, enabling you to keep your candidates updated at each stage of the process.

4.      Making Bad Hiring Decisions

Companies often have to recruit quickly which can place pressure on the hiring manager to make a decision quickly. This can lead to unsuitable candidates being selected and bad hires can cause significant damage to an organisation.

You can take steps throughout the recruitment process to help you avoid making a bad hire such as implementing additional stages in your interview process, adding behavioural assessments, or collecting feedback from other team members.

5.      Reducing Recruitment Costs

Expanding your team can cost money and for many company’s recruitment costs can be a major expense that is limiting their growth. Standard agency fees cost between 15% to 20% of the candidates first annual salary which is a significant outlay, particularly as there is no guarantee the candidate is going to stick around.

Hiring directly can save you a huge amount of money but it is equally important that you hire the right candidate to avoid wasting spend on bad hires. If you are going to hire directly then you need to ensure you have the tools and processes in place to deliver a good candidate experience and ensure you get in front of the best possible applicants.


Save Time & Money on Recruitment

Many of the biggest challenges in recruitment can be solved through improving your process and selecting the right tools. At ecruit we can help with many of these challenges by getting your optimised job advert on all the top job boards, bringing all your applicants into one easy to use portal and saving you time and money through our fixed, low-cost solution.

Book a 5 minute demo with our team to find out more.

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