Top 5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring for your company is an important process that brings many potential problems. We take a look at some common hiring mistakes and ways you can avoid them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mistakes in your hiring process can cost you time and money
  2. Common mistakes include not having a clear job description and lack of preparation
  3. Ecruit can help with your recruitment to improve your process while saving you time and money


1.      Not being clear on your job description

One of the first steps in any recruitment process is putting together the job description and defining the role. You might have identified an area of your business that requires more resources, but it is important you take the time to truly define the parameters of this role. You should identify the full role and responsibilities, targets and how success will be defined. Use all this to create a job description that clearly defines the role and sets the expectations. This will not only ensure you get suitable candidates from your job advertisement but will also help you ask relevant questions in your interview to ensure the candidates match your requirements.

2.      Allowing bias into your process

Your hiring campaign should bring you a diverse set of candidates, but often conscious or unconscious bias can impact the range of candidates you attract and get in the way of making the best hiring decision. In order to avoid bias, you should try and remove any gender bias from your job description and look at introducing solutions such as blind skill challenges.

You can find out more in our article How To Reduce Bias In Your Recruitment Process.


3.      Being too impersonal

If you are making multiple hires, you can often become a hiring machine that just focuses on the process and forgets about the people. Candidate experience plays a hugely important role in recruitment, and you should ensure you are communicating with your candidates and keeping them updated throughout the process. The reality is that you are most likely not going to be able to personally reach out to every single rejected candidate, but you can look at some partial personalisation that allows you to automate communication but dynamically personalise the communication to be relevant for each candidate. This might mean you have a template for a rejection email but take a small section to personalise with any information that might be useful or relevant for each candidate.


4.      Lack of preparation

Your candidates will most likely spend time preparing for an interview with you so why should you not spend the time preparing for them? Hiring managers will often jump from interview to interview with nothing more than a quick glance at a CV before the interview starts. This is not only unfair to your candidate but also means you could potentially miss out on a great candidate by not asking the right questions based on their skills and experience. You should also prepare for any questions that candidates might ask you to ensure you provide as much information as possible to help them make their decision.


5.      Wasting money on recruitment

Traditional recruiters can charge 15% to 20% of the first years salary as payment for recruiting on your behalf. This is a significant cost but also means any recruitment agent has a different incentive from you in terms of getting a candidate placed. Luckily, there are alternatives to this method such as the ecruit fixed price recruitment model. We can write your optimised job ad, post it on all the major job boards and even manually flag the best candidates in our easy to use portal for you to arrange an interview with. Alternatively, our head-hunter service can attract passive candidates while saving you an average of 90% on your recruitment costs!

Let Us Help

At ecruit, we can help you improve your recruitment process with our fixed price recruitment services.

We can assist in optimising your process from writing a compelling job description and posting it on all the top job boards, through to providing an ATS which means you can track and communicate with your candidates easily.

Also, by taking care of the job ad writing and posting process and by filtering the best candidates for you, we can save you time to ensure you can focus your efforts on the most important area, the candidates.

Book a 5 minute demo with our team to find out more.

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