The Ultimate Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

How Does an Applicant Tracking System Work?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is hiring software designed to centralize and streamline the recruitment process. With an ATS like ecruit Talos, you can receive, screen, manage, and process job applications, associated documents, and communications all in one place. One standout feature is the job multi-poster, which distributes your job adverts across various recruitment marketing sites, including job boards, social media, and career sites. By purchasing a ecruit Talos ATS license, you gain access to this integrated multi-poster along with automated processes that significantly reduce administrative burdens and minimize errors. This results in a consistent, brand-friendly candidate journey, reducing both hiring admin time and overall time to hire.

Why Use an Applicant Tracking System?

The primary goal of an ATS is to streamline and simplify talent acquisition, saving organizations time, money, and resources. Whether hiring at scale or filling a few key positions, an ATS helps manage multiple vacancies and high volumes of applications, speeding up the onboarding process. The comprehensive features of an ATS benefit organizations of all sizes, enabling hirers to post job listings, manage interviews, assess candidates, and onboard talent seamlessly. Additionally, it enhances communication between hirers and candidates, eliminates paperwork, and mitigates risks involved in the hiring process. With features like GDPR compliance, automated background checks, interview scheduling, and better hiring market insights, an ATS revolutionizes the way you hire, helping you find qualified talent faster and more efficiently.

What Features Does ecruit Talos ATS Have?

ecruit Talos ATS is packed with features that cater to both hirers and candidates, including:

  • Same Day Set-Up: Get started immediately with no delays.
  • Free Job Board and Social Media Postings: Extend your reach without additional costs.
  • Agency Portal: Distribute vacancies to preferred agencies for hard-to-fill roles.
  • Access to Premium Job Boards and the ecruit Talos Attract Network: Broaden your candidate search.
  • Unbiased Recruitment Features: Support diversity and inclusion in hiring.
  • Candidate Experience Optimization: Enhance every touchpoint of the candidate journey.
  • Video Interviewing Functionality: Conduct interviews remotely with ease.
  • Candidate Assessment Tools: Evaluate candidates effectively.
  • Full Candidate Management Control: Oversee the entire recruitment process.
  • Reference Checking: Simplify the reference collection process.
  • DBS Checks Management: Conduct background checks directly within the system.
  • Fully Branded Automated Emails: Maintain brand consistency in communications.
  • Electronic Contract Signing: Securely handle contracts online.
  • Onboarding Microsites: Provide a personalized onboarding experience.
  • HR Integrations for Payroll: Ensure smooth transitions from hiring to payroll.
  • Free Training and Ongoing Support: Receive continuous assistance from a dedicated account manager.

Who Uses Applicant Tracking Software?

Applicant tracking software is utilized by hirers, candidates, and HR departments. For candidates, the ATS can either be a visible part of their application process or an invisible tool that enhances their experience. ecruit Talos ATS ensures a seamless, employer-branded journey without requiring passwords. For hirers, the ATS aids in advertising vacancies, sorting CVs, screening candidates, and managing the interview process. HR departments continue to use the ATS for contract signing, payroll integration, and onboarding.

Is Applicant Tracking Software Good for Small Businesses and Startups?

Absolutely. Applicant tracking software is invaluable for startups and small businesses, managing high application volumes and offering benefits like data tracking, job board postings, candidate screening, video interviews, reference checks, and onboarding. An ATS ensures compliance with regulations such as GDPR and simplifies the hiring process, allowing small businesses to save time and resources while maintaining full visibility over recruitment activities.

What’s the Difference Between an ATS and a CRM?

An ATS (applicant tracking system) is used by in-house recruiters to fill vacancies, while a CRM (candidate relationship management) system is typically used by recruitment agencies to build and maintain candidate relationships. An ATS allows organizations to manage their hiring process internally, whereas a CRM helps agencies keep candidates engaged and ready for potential opportunities.

How Accurate is Applicant Tracking Software?

ecruit Talos ATS includes a reporting suite that provides visibility into various metrics, such as time to hire and the sources of job applications. These insights help you assess the effectiveness of your recruitment strategies, track the origins of candidates, and plan your recruitment budget more efficiently. You can also measure the duration from job advertisement to hire accurately.

How Much Does an Applicant Tracking System Cost?

The cost of an ATS varies based on the chosen system. ecruit Talos offers Pro and Enterprise licenses, each tailored to different organizational needs and budgets. Contact us for a free demo and to discuss pricing options. All licenses include free set-up and are competitively priced, providing a cost-effective solution for handling high application volumes across multiple locations.

What’s the Best Applicant Tracking System for Your Organization?

The best ATS for your organization depends on your specific hiring needs. Consider your main pain points and desired features, such as careers site builders, bulk CV processing, easy apply forms, video interviewing capabilities, and job advertising functionalities. Research various options and keep your ATS wishlist in mind to find a solution that saves you time, money, and resources. Contact us to discuss the best ATS for your needs and start reducing your time to hire.

How is Applicant Tracking Software Implemented?

With ecruit Talos ATS, your system can be set up the same day at no extra cost. Your starter system allows you to post your first vacancy and set up your careers page immediately. A dedicated services consultant will project manage your ATS setup, discuss your hiring workflows, and offer best practice advice. We support you through the entire implementation process, including setup, build, testing, and training, ensuring the system fits your organization’s needs perfectly.

At ecruit, we have years of experience in recruiting across job advertising, headhunting and technology solutions. If you want to find out more about how we can help you recruit the best talent, using the best technology then book a demo with one our team today.

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