What are flat fee recruitment services?

Flat fee recruitment services: the solution your business needs

As uncertainty around Brexit continues, the number of skilled EU workers in the UK continues to decrease. According to an article by The Independent, more than half of skilled EU workers in the UK say they are going to leave.

The fact is that the UK is in the midst of a talent and skills shortage; the Navigating the future: HR 2020 reportpublished by Eversheds Sutherlands reveals that 67% of HR leaders believe that the ‘war for talent’ will be one of the most pressing issues for their workplace in the future.

Total advertised job vacancies have risen by 7.2% since the start of 2017 to date but with more and more businesses looking to advertise, particularly in competitive areas such as sales, finding a cost-effective solution to get your business’ job vacancies to stand out and attract the right candidates is increasingly difficult.

How can you stand out and attract the right candidates?

Generally, most businesses would turn to a recruitment agency – but in an increasingly competitive landscape, where numerous businesses are competing for the same pool of talented salespeople, a traditional recruitment approach would prove both costly and time-consuming for your business. Recruitment agencies can charge extortionate fees, which can make the decision to take on a new person a difficult one – especially for small and/or growing businesses that may not have the resource for a long-term recruitment campaign. You need talented people now, not later!

In light of this, some businesses are turning to flat fee recruitment services to help them save money and find top talent for their sales team. Why pay a recruiter just to run an advert, when technology now allows you to easily do it yourself? So, what are flat fee recruitment services and how can they help transform your recruitment process and attract the best talent at an affordable rate?

What is flat fee recruitment?

In today’s world, online recruitment methods are the most widely used. Market research by Opinionography reveals that, of those surveyed, 90% have used online job sites in comparison to just 25% using social media. Between 90-95% cheaper than traditional recruitment, flat fee recruitment is a low cost online recruitment service that can reduce a company’s cost per hire.

Flat fee recruitment uses a combination of traditional recruitment methods, web advertising, social media, CV screening, and candidate management to provide employers with a pool of relevant and high-quality candidates all for one flat fee – and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional approach. With flat fee recruitment, you are in control. You pay one flat fee per recruitment campaign – and you can hire as many salespeople as you like from each campaign.

With flat fee recruitment, job adverts are search engine optimised, using relevant and specific keywords to get the most coverage possible, and applications are screened on your behalf and against your requirements, saving you time. You can bulk purchase advertisements, giving you more value for money, and tailor your adverts to your requirements.

Also, there are added extras such as dedicated campaign management and access to an applicant tracking system (ATS) to monitor the progress of applicants.

Getting the right flat fee recruitment service

Of course, just like traditional recruiters, not all flat fee recruiters charge the same price, and not all flat fee recruitment models are the same. In order to drive down your cost per hire, time to hire and to improve candidate quality, you should be looking for sales specialists who have the experience and contacts to identify the right skills for your role.

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