What Candidates Are Looking For In Your Job Ad

In a candidate-driven market, your job advert needs to stand out from the crowd. In this article, we look at the key messages that job seekers are looking out for in your ad.

Key Takeaways

  1. Your job ad plays a key role in attracting top talent.
  2. There are key areas you should include such as salary, benefits, and company values.
  3. Ecruit can help you create compelling job adverts that deliver double the candidates.

Your job advert plays an essential role in your recruitment process. Before you get the chance to talk to a candidate, your job ad needs to convince people that your role is exciting and that your company is a great place to work. It also needs to be clear about what the role involves and what type of candidate you are looking for. That is a lot of information to get in a short space so there are some key areas you should focus on that are going to have the biggest impact on candidates.


Include a Salary

This can often be a contentious issue for employers who might not want to reveal what they are offering. This can often be due to not wanting current employees to be aware or that they might be open to a wide range of salaries depending on the candidate. However, according to Reed, two out of three job applicants are more likely to apply for a role if the salary is displayed on the job advert.


Highlight Flexibility

Flexible working has become a core element for many employees over the last few years so it is important you directly address this in your job ad. 81% of UK employees believe flexible working makes a job more attractive to them so if that is something you can offer than you should talk about that in your ad.


Talk About Benefits

Alongside displaying the salary, you should also consider including benefits in your job description. Candidates are looking for companies that value their employees and want to be rewarded for their hard work. You should consider what benefits make your company stand out. Just saying you offer the minimum holiday allowance is not a benefit. Think about what you can offer as a company that is unique or that shows gives in an indication of the type of culture you are promoting.


Explain Your Company Values

Employees want to work for a company whose values align with their own. If your job ad does not get across your values, then you might be failing at the first stage as employees simply won’t apply. It is also important for your business that you find candidates with matching values as it will help you improve your work environment and reduce employee turnover.


Be Clear About What You Are Looking For

A job description that has a clear explanation of what you are looking for can give job seekers confidence that the role is well thought through and that the company knows what they are talking about. Outline any required or desirable skills so that candidates can be confident that match what is needed.


Look To the Future

Career progression is also important as employees want to find opportunities where companies invest in their career development and help them move up the career ladder. Highlighting future potential in your job ad means you give candidates an extra incentive to apply and paint a positive picture of their future within your organisation.


Need Help with Your Recruitment

At ecruit, we can help you improve your recruitment process with our fixed price recruitment services. Our expert copywriting team knows what it takes to create a compelling job advert with our ads getting double the number of candidates compared to the industry average.

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