What Will Employee Wellbeing Look Like in 2022?

Employee wellbeing has been high on the agenda in 2021 with companies increasingly focused on supporting staff and adapting to a new way of working. How many of these changes are here to stay and what new developments will we see in 2022?

Key Takeaways

  1. Physical and mental wellbeing is a key element in attracting and retaining staff
  2. Employee expectations have shifted over the last 2 years meaning the benefits they deem most important have shifted
  3. Improving the wellbeing of your employees will results in improvements of business performance

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing was already an area of increased focus before the pandemic but has become a core part of pretty much every business over the last 2 years. The evidence is clear that valuing and supporting your employees mental and physical health can only lead to positive results for the company.

So, what are the main trends we have seen over the last year?

Hybrid Working

Working from home was a requirement for a large amount of the workforce but now restrictions have eased this has become more of an option for companies. For many, working from home has been a revelation and they would find it hard to return to previous work patterns. Others have missed the interaction in the office or simply not been able to perform their work remotely.

Moving into 2022, they key focus will be on flexibility. Companies will need to respect the wishes of all employees and offer solutions that work for each individual.

Change In Benefits

With this shift to a more hybrid work environment, companies are being forced to look at the type of benefits they now offer employees. Remote workers will no longer care if you offer beer on tap, free pizza or have table football set up. They care about flexibility, health and wellbeing, recognition and unlimited holidays. Work life balance is key to a productive workforce, so employees want to see that their companies values them and offer assistance to help them achieve that balance.

Holistic View

Wellbeing can cover a wide range of areas from physical, emotional, financial, and more. Companies that offer benefits that impact on all these areas will attract the top talent and improve employee retention. Speak to your employee about what benefits are of most value to them, what are the biggest stresses they have around work and build out a wellbeing strategy that helps them achieve personal and professional growth.



In the world of recruitment, we know how vital company culture can be in attracting and retaining the best employees. Companies need to adapt to the changing expectations of employees and ensure they are proving a working environment that gives them the best possible chance to succeed. The better the physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff, the better they will perform and the better results your business will achieve.


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