Why You Should Start Your Recruitment Early This Winter

As 2021 begins to come to an end, many companies are starting to put together their plans for 2022. That includes plans for growth which inevitably leads to recruitment. January is notoriously busy for job seekers but if you want to hire the best you need to start working on your recruitment strategy now!

Below we look at why it is important to start your recruitment early and what steps you can take to get the best results.

Key Takeaways

  1. Starting your recruitment drive before Christmas can help you get ahead of your competition
  2. Many candidates are starting their job search early, meaning you have a chance to attract top talent when less companies are advertising
  3. Hiring early means you can start the new year in a strong position

Why Start Early

There are several reasons that you should be looking to start your recruitment drive in November this year. Lets look at a couple of the main ones.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Advertising your roles earlier means you have a head start against your competitors. In a candidate driven market you need to do everything you can to get the best talent so ensuring your job ads are live now gives you the best chance at getting noticed and first shot at interviewing.

Notice Period

The best candidates tend to already be in positions and so will have a notice period to deal with. If you wait to start advertising in January, then by the time you interview, offer a role, and wait a notice period it could be the middle of February before you get your new hires started. Start the process now and you can have your team in place ready to go in the new year to hit the ground running.

Candidates Are Looking

Candidates who are thinking about a fresh start in the new year are already starting to look at options. There is often untapped potential as many companies fall into the trap of waiting until January to advertise and you can get your job ads seen by those who are starting their search early.

Start The New Year with A Bang

Advertising or even hiring before the Christmas break means you dont have to worry about the stress of recruitment in the new year and can relax knowing you have your team ready to go in the new year. It is also gives you an opportunity to embed your new starter into the company culture over the festive period.

Less Risk of Getting in an Offer Battle

With less companies advertising pre-Christmas, you have less risk of your candidate getting competing offers, which means you have a better chance at securing your top choice and dont end up having to make unnecessary offer increases. You also have less competition if you are looking at a paid recruitment drive which can lead to your budget going further and a better pool of candidates.



There are lots of reasons to start your recruitment drive early to ensure you get the best possible talent. If you want to get your campaigns up and running then why not get in touch with the team here at ecruit to talk through your options and help you hire the best, for less.

Book a 5 minute demo with our team to find out more.

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