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Speed and cost are the main factors for us choosing ecruit. ecruit is the only resource we use for recruitment. The team are easy to deal with and worked really fast to get our campaigns up and running. Its also much more cost effective than advertising the jobs ourselves.

Raqia Rashid

Director, Swindon and Walton on Thames

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The Company

Boots Opticians Ltd. operates a chain of ophthalmic and dispensing optician stores in the United Kingdom.

They offer comprehensive eye checks as well as a fantastic selection of designer glasses and sunglasses.

The Problem

When Boots Opticians have a vacancy, getting it filled quickly with the best candidate is a priority.

They also would rather not pay recruitment agency fees if they could avoid it and wanted to eliminate the fuss of having to advertise directly. That is why they decided to start working with ecruit.

The Solution

Boots Opticians decided to go ahead with the ecruit Advertiser package as they wanted to broadcast their advert to as many people as possible.

They felt this was a really simple way of getting a professional advert written, and then posted on all the best job boards for their industry.

The Results

The first position ecruit worked on for Boots Opticians was a Retail Optical Assistant. ecruit managed the whole process which saved them alot of time and all they had to do was interview and hire the candidates.

This ended up being much more cost effective than running the process themselves or using a traditional recruitment agency.

They have since gone on to use ecruit to hire for store management and optometry roles and are averaging over 120 candidates per campaign. Raqia Rashid, Director at Swindon and Walton on Thames Boots Opticians, stated that she really liked the fact that ecruit filter candidates before she seems them. This means she only has to review the most qualified applicants which saves her time.

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