We have had a good run with the ecruit platform, making 3 appointments so far. The 2 that have been with us for a little while have settled in well and are making a good contribution.

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The Company

IGNIFI are an independent creative and digital agency which help build successful brands for some of the biggest names in healthcare and wellbeing. Based in Sunderland, they have a team of 25 offering marketing, creative, design, production and digital services.

When IGNIFI need to hire it is often for niche roles where specific experience is required. Typical vacancies include Copywriters, Content Producers, Marketing & Social Media Managers and Design Coordinators.

The Problem

When IGNIFI first engaged with ecruit they hadn’t hired in over 12 months but were just embarking on a period of planned growth. They had previously used recruitment agencies but wanted to keep costs down whilst still attracting the best people. They hadn’t used job boards before and some of the roles were quite urgent, so time was also a factor.

The Solution

The first role IGNIFI advertised with ecruit was a Design and Production Project Coordinator. The role was very specific, so they opted for the “headhunter” package which is highly targeted and is designed to reach the passive candidates as well (people not actively applying to jobs online).

The Results

A shortlist was draw up in 72 hours and the role was subsequently filled for under £700.

Since then IGNIFI has increased their use of our platform and they have filled three out of the last four vacancies via ecruit, including:

  • Content Marketing & Social Media Manager (121 applications – role filled for £399)
  • Design and Production Project Coordinator (171 applications – role filled for £699)
  • Content Marketing & Social Media Manager (121 applications – role filled for £399)

The cost of using a recruitment agency to fill these positions would have been in excess of £15,000 and IGNIFI have cut their recruitment spend by 90%!

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