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I value the organization, easy communication, and active recruiting of passive candidates.

Jenna Dickerson

Human Resources Manager

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The Company

INF Associates provides energy consulting and professional services, including incentives and rebates capture, commissioning, and construction management.

They also provide turnkey lighting and building energy retrofit project execution (design-build), but subcontract out all manufacturing, installation/construction, and service & and repair.

The Problem

There was no centred organization for recruiting at INF before Jenna Dickerson joined the team.

This meant that it was left to managers who had full schedules and not necessarily any experience in launching a full recruiting campaign.

The Solution

Jenna knew that INF had a lot of recruiting ahead of them so bought an initial package of 10 credits.

This not only meant they got a discount rate but they could be confident they had a central recruiting system to help them through a busy period.

The Results

ecruit have already helped fill a sales role, accounting specialist, project estimator and project coordinator.

We are already working on additional campaigns for roles such as Incentives Associate, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, Lighting Field Engineer and Project Developer.

INF selected ecruit as they needed a system to automate, organize and track. Jenna Dickerson stated that “I get a lot of value from the recruiter making listings and reaching out on LinkedIn, and also the filtering of resumes all into one place that pulls out those that may be best fit”.

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