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We would recommend ecruit to any other charity that is looking for support in posting jobs and finding applications. They are responsive to all of our requests and a real pleasure to work with. We consider ecruit to be part of our HR team.

Michelle Barclay

HR Director, Quo Vadis Trust

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The Company

Quo Vadis Trust is an award-winning Mental health charity that provides care, social housing, and support for people living in London with mental health needs.

They aim to support recovery, maximize independence, and build community.

The Problem

As a charity, we have limited financial resources to put towards hiring therefore minimising our recruitment costs is a big priority for us as it allows us to divert more funds back into the community we support.

The Solution

We use ecruit’s advertising service, that allows our vacancy budget to stretch further that if we went to the job boards directly.

We chose this package as it allows us to promote our jobs to a much wider audience than just using one or two channels like Indeed. This gives us a better choice of candidates to choose from and allows us to make better hiring decisions.

The Results

We use ecruit to fill all our roles, from more senior head office positions like our finance manager to supported housing officers, benefits managers, and care workers.

We choose ecruit as they manage the entire advertising process on our behalf. From writing the job adverts, through to posting on multiple platforms.

We feel that we get excellent value for money as it is less expensive than posting jobs ourselves. Additionally, it is helpful to have a recruitment portal to manage our different vacancies, and the CV scoring facility is useful as it helps us find the best applications more quickly.

On average we get between 100 – 200 applications per vacancy we post. We find with the shortlisting service, we can narrow the applications down to about 20 people per vacancy for us to review.

ecruit has helped us with the burden of all the administration of posting jobs and reviewing CVs, it makes our lives much easier than before!

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