University of Chichester

I would absolutely recommend ecruit to other Universities! Due to the work they do behind the scenes to ensure they are giving you the best possible outcome per role they supported us with.

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University of Chichester

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The Company

The University of Chichester is a public university located in West Sussex, England, which became a university in 2005. Campuses are based in the city of Chichester and the nearby coastal resort of Bognor Regis

The Problem

The frustrations we faced in recruiting prior to working with ecruit were the quality of applications that we were getting for our roles, ecruit worked with so many of the UKs leading job boards it meant we had great exposure to the market place at a great price!

The Solution

We have used a combination of ecruits advertising and headhunting packages to fill a variety of roles.

We love the Advertiser package as it gives us exposure to all the sites, saves us a huge amount of time and all for a cheaper price than doing it ourselves. 

The Results

We managed to fill over 20 roles, even hiring multiple candidates on some campaigns as ecruit do not charge any additional hiring fees. We had several interviews for each campaign and have filled role across Marketing, Admin, Sales and management level staff.

We loved how they managed the whole process for us and the use of their ATS system which even flagged the applicants for us. And of course the amount of qualified applicants it brought through. 

ecruit were excellent. Time saving, cost effective and very helpful. 

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