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We would recommend ecruit to other councils, as they have taken a lot of the headaches and costs associated with finding good candidates.

Nina Harper

HR Advisor, Winchester City Council

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The Company

Winchester City Council managers a wide range of services in the city of Winchester including planning, housing, waste collection, council tax and local businesses.

The Problem

We have a wide variety of vacancies that come up in the council, and our key frustrations were being able to find qualified candidates for our jobs using Indeed and local resources. We also sometimes had to use traditional hiring agencies, but often don’t have the budget to be able to direct to this channel and need to make most of our hires directly.

The Solution

We decided to use ecruits advertiser package to post our jobs onto all the major job board networks for us.

We chose this package as it allows us to promote our jobs to a much wider audience than just using one or two channels like indeed. This gives us a better choice of candidates to choose from and allows us to make better hiring decisions.

The Results

So far we have filled over 50 vacancies. We use ecruit for the majority of vacancies in the council, including housing officers, contract managers, maintenance operatives and all of our head office and support functions like finance and human resources.

With ecruit they can quickly get our job adverts written up and posted to all of the job boards, this has saved us a lot of time and energy in posting. Our hiring requirements change month to month, and therefore having advertising credits that don’t expire allows us to post jobs without being tied into job board contracts.

The benefit of using ecruit is that we get excellent rates for our adverts, it saves us a lot of money compared to if we advertised ourselves. It is also helpful having someone manage the posting process for us, and also scoring applications on suitability for the job, which saves us time looking through hundreds of applications.

Using ecruit has reduced the amount of money we spend annually on recruitment.

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Winchester Council

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